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Local Government Restructuring in New York State: Survey Results Database

County: Services: Form: Year started:

County Case Descriptions Forms of Restructuring Specific Services Affected
Clinton County Case 1: Landfill privatization - Contracting out to private for-profit sector operations
Dutchess County Case 1: Intermunicipal Purchasing Cooperative intermunicipal cooperation - purchasing cooperative purchase of both goods and services
Dutchess County Case 3: Mental Health Services privatization with non-profit sector mental health services
Dutchess County Case 2: Highway Paint Stripping privatization paint stripping of all county roads
Erie County Case 1: Convention Center intermunicipal cooperation - the county took over convention center from City of Buffalo
Erie County Case 4: Provide Funds to the City of Buffalo or snow removal and highway repair intermunicipal cooperation
Erie County Case 3: Consolidation of Senior Van Services, Disabled Advocacy, Substance Abuse, and Youth Services with the City of Buffalo intermunicipal cooperation
Erie County Case 2: Bennett Beach intermunicipal cooperation - the county is in the process of taking over Bennett Beach from the City of Buffalo
Genesee County Case 2: Airport reverse privatization - cessation of f.b.o. (fixed base operator) private sector airport operation and fuel service
Genesee County Case 1: health benefits plan reverse privatization - self-funded hospitalization rather than BC/BS medical, dental, prescription for employees
Genesee County Case 3: Meals on Wheels/Nutrition Program - Office of Aging privatization - private contract co. kitchen shutdown
Herkimer County Case 1: Privatize our Medicaid Transportation Program privatization
Jefferson County Case 2: MetroJefferson Dog Shelter internal restructuring - consolidated shelter and service through contract dog control
Jefferson County Case 1: Snow Removal - Co. Highway System intermunicipal cooperation - renegotiated contracts highways
Livingston County Case 1: Takeover by County of Non-profit Aging Services reverse privatization - agency made part of co. govt. all traditional OFA services
Livingston County Case 2: Privatization of Nursing Home Food Services privatization of former County Services food service
Livingston County Case 2: Formation of County Water & Sewer Authority internal restructuring water and sewer services
Livingston County Case 1: Food Service at Nursing Homes privatization - food services at two co. nursing homes privatized food service at co. homes; Office of Aging
Ontario County Case 1: Construction of Joint Fueling Facility intermunicipal cooperation fleet fueling
Ontario County Case 2: Joint Negotiation of Electric Rates intermunicipal cooperation electric rates
Oswego County Case 3: Medicaid Managed Care privatization Medicaid funded health services
Oswego County Case 2: Human Services Agency Consolidation internal restructuring - merger between two county depts. social services; employment and training
Oswego County Case 1: Consolidation of Administrative Oversight for Human Services internal restructuring - administrative consolidation Health and Human Services
Otsego County Case 3: Ownership and/or Operation of Co. Nursing Home privatization co. nursing home
Otsego County Case 2: Public Transportation System privatization public transportation of co. residents, excluding City of Oneita
Otsego County Case 1: Transportation of non-emergency Medicaid recipients privatization transportation of clients
Putnam County Case 1: Co. Data Processing Outsourcing Project privatization centralized and decentralized data processing services
Schuyler County Case 1: County Attorney's Office internal restructuring - combine county/social services attorney - bring in house county legal services
Schuyler County Case 2: Civil Service/Personnel internal restructuring - go to a personnel officer - eliminate commission personnel
Schuyler County Case 3: Youth Bureau/Grants Writing internal restructuring - decrease youth bureau director to 1/2 time and add 1/2 time grants writer children's services; other human services
Schuyler County Case 4: Planning Services intermunicipal cooperation - contract with S.C. Cornell Cooperative Ext. for planning planning services
Schuyler County Case 5: Consolidated Health Services internal restructuring - combine public and mental health under our administration public health; home health; mental health
Steuben County Case 2: Highway Work privatization - contracting out highway work road restoring
Steuben County Case 1: Worker's Compensation Pool/Claims Processing intermunicipal cooperation - third party administrator county and township worker's comp
Steuben County Case 1: Worker's Compensation Program
Tompkins County Case 3: Recycling & Solid Waste Center Management privatization recycling/waste handling and processing
Tompkins County Case 1: Transit Consolidation intermunicipal cooperation - two municipal and two non-profit transit systems merged transit (bus)
Tompkins County Case 2: Bridge Repair/Replacement intermunicipal cooperation - use of state bridge $ by county highway division bridge repair
Town of Alexandria Case 1: Fuel Depot intermunicipal cooperation - working with school district to create fuel depot
Town of Alexandria Case 2: Snow and Ice Contracts intermunicipal cooperation plowing state and county roads
Town of Allegany Case 2: Constitution Ave. intermunicipal cooperation - new road (cooperative effect)-3 municipalities water; sewer; transportation
Town of Allegany Case 1: Allegany-Limestone School District intermunicipal cooperation fuel depot
Town of Allegany Case 3: 28th Street intermunicipal cooperation - extend existing street transportation
Town of Andover Case 1: Town Ownership of Ambulances privatization ambulance service
Town of Aurora Case 2: Emergency Dispatching - 9 communities intermunicipal cooperation emergency dispatching - it is a joint venture with 9 towns to have a single police and fire dispatch unit
Town of Aurora Case 3: Court System intermunicipal cooperation Town court/Village court
Town of Aurora Case 1: Town ofAurora/Village of E.Aurora Dog Control Service intermunicipal cooperation dog control
Town of Berlin Case 1: Solid Waste reverse privatization - withdrew from Eastern Rens. Co. Solid Waste Management Authority all solid waste (MSW, recyclables, etc...)
Town of Bethlehem Case 3: Road Striping privatization intermunicipal cooperation to privatization
Town of Bethlehem Case 6: Cleaning Service privatization cleaning of Town Hall
Town of Bethlehem Case 5: Recycling intermunicipal cooperation sponsor annual household hazardous waste (HHW) day
Town of Bethlehem Case 4: Fleet Repairs intermunicipal cooperation fleet repairs
Town of Bethlehem Case 1: Advanced Life Support Program intermunicipal cooperation emergency medical response
Town of Bethlehem Case 2: Cooperative Economic Development intermunicipal cooperation economic development
Town of Bovina Case 1: Common Radio Receptor Station with Another Town intermunicipal cooperation highway communications
Town of Brighton (MonroeCo.) Case 3: Town ofBrighton/Bright. Central School District Joint Purchasing Agreement intermunicipal agreement - coop. purchasing purchase of commodities and services
Town of Brighton (MonroeCo.) Case 1: Town ofBrighton/City ofRochester Assessment Services Program intermunicipal cooperation - coop. work agreement assessment: valuation , data collection, reporting
Town of Brighton (MonroeCo.) Case 2: Town ofBrighton/City ofRochester Building Inspection and Plan Review Program intermunicipal cooperation - coop. work agreement building plan review and inspection
Town of Caledonia Case 2: Board of Fire Commissioners intermunicipal cooperation - rural commission combined with Village fire service and maintenance
Town of Caledonia Case 1: Planning Board intermunicipal cooperation - Village and Town Planning Boards combined Planning
Town of Candor Case 2: Consolidated Fueling Facility intermunicipal cooperation - town, village, fire company, school district fueling of all school, fire, municipal vehicles
Town of Candor Case 1: Consolidated Assessor Agreement intermunicipal cooperation - 2 towns using one assessor property tax assessment
Town of Castile Case 1: Wyoming County Contract for Solid Waste Collection privatization - contract with private industry solid waste collection
Town of Castile Case 2: Joint Purchase of Equipment for Public Works intermunicipal cooperation - municipal agreement shared cost of specific equipment
Town of Cherry Creek Case 1: Salt Brine for Roads intermunicipal cooperation salt brine for roads
Town of Cherry Creek Case 2: Support Functions intermunicipal cooperation support functions
Town of Clifton Park Case 2: Town-wide Payroll Services privatization all related payroll services
Town of Clifton Park Case 5: Water/Sewer Cooperative Services intermunicipal cooperation water/sewer
Town of Clifton Park Case 4: Senior Transportation privatization
Town of Clifton Park Case 3: Vehicle Maintenance intermunicipal cooperation all basic maintenance
Town of Clifton Park Case 1: Ice Arena privatization comprehensive management
Town of East Bloomfield Case 1: Emergency Services intermunicipal cooperation sharing of equipment, labor
Town of East Bloomfield Case 2: Boughton Park Purchase intermunicipal cooperation purchase of 330 acres for park
Town of Edinburg Case 1: Northern Towns Economic Development Project intermunicipal cooperation (agreement with NFP) economic development
Town of Gardiner Case 3: Assesors' Records reverse privatization - transfer from county computer to personal computer Real Property Information Systems
Town of Gardiner Case 2: Sewer System Operations privatization - contracted out to private contractor sewer plant and system operations
Town of Gardiner Case 1: Recycling/Solid Waste Transfer Station Operations privatization - contracted out to private contractor recycling and solid waste transfer operations
Town of Hamburg Case 1: Planning Dept. privatization - contract service out town planning
Town of Hamburg Case 2: Highway - Building and Grounds internal restructuring
Town of Hopewell Case 1: Tax Collector intermunicipal cooperation - the town clerk is now the town tax collector tax collection
Town of Hopewell Case 2: Transportation of Recycle Material intermunicipal cooperation refuse program
Town of Indian Lake Case 1: Consolidation (3 town landfill) intermunicipal cooperation - solid waste contract solid waste disposal
Town of Java Case 2: D.S.S. Job Training privatization job training - jobs - D.S.S.
Town of Java Case 1: Human Services (HEAP, etc.) privatization HEAP - Section 8 housing - CAC
Town of Lenox Case 4: Health (Madison Co. Health Dept.) intermunicipal cooperation - County took over health complaints
Town of Lenox Case 1: Sewer Agreement intermunicipal cooperation - agreement among 5 municipalities sewage treatment plant
Town of Lenox Case 2: Greater Lenox Ambulance intermunicipal cooperation - contractual emergency health
Town of Lenox Case 3: Snow Removal intermunicipal cooperation - cooperative contract snow removal
Town of Minetto Case 1: Public Works Consolidation intermunicipal cooperation - agreement to share equipment and services road repairs and paving
Town of New Lisbon Case 1: Operation of Transfer Station - Solid Waste cessation - closed station citizens had to find private hauler
Town of New Scotland Case 2: Water Districts intermunicipal cooperation; Specific Services Affected ; water for Swift Rd. & Font Grove Rd. 1990
Town of New Scotland Case 1: Solid Waste/Recycling privatization refuse pick-up
Town of Ossining Case 4: Veteran's Park intermunicipal cooperation - IMA-village and town village owns - town maintains
Town of Ossining Case 3: Comptroller-Data Processor intermunicipal cooperation - IMA-village and town finance and data processing consolidation
Town of Ossining Case 2: Town/Village Clerk intermunicipal cooperation - IMA-village and town consolidates clerk duties
Town of Ossining Case 1: Recreation Program intermunicipal cooperation - IMA-Recreation consolidates town and village programs
Town of Oswegatchie Case 1: Joint Purchase of Equipment intermunicipal cooperation - joint purchase of equipment paver; rollers
Town of Oswegatchie Case 3: Joint Activity - Code Enforcement intermunicipal cooperation NYS fire and building code
Town of Oswegatchie Case 2: Coordinated Assessing Unit intermunicipal cooperation coordinated assessing unit
Town of Pendleton Case 1: Garbage Consortium, Includes 7 towns intermunicipal cooperation - consolidated bidding on waste and recycling collection garbage and recyclables collected
Town of Penfield Case 2: Joint Development of a Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy intermunicipal cooperation - joint production Town Highway Superintendents in Monroe County worked together (through their association) to develop a Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy that would meet a U.S. Dept. of Transportation mandate and that could be adopted by all of the Towns in Monroe County
Town of Penfield Case 10: State Revolving Fund intermunicipal cooperation - cooperation investment of funds funding for public works projects throughout the state is provided from an investment pool of the towns' municipal bonds. The pool lowers risk and administration costs, which in turn lowers the interest rate for loans made from the pool to municipalities
Town of Penfield Case 11: Purchase of Street Lights reverse privatization - service and assets transferred from a utility to a municipality most street lights in the Town are leased from and maintained by the utility. The Town is in the process of purchasing street lights and taking over their maintenance
Town of Penfield Case 9: Geographic Information Systems joint production of service County Planning supplied the Town with digital base map and environmental mapping, which Penfield is entering into its own GIS. The Town is in turn updating and editing those maps for the County.
Town of Penfield Case 8: Irondequoit Bay Area Sewers intermunicipal cooperation - joint production of service the cost of hiring a consultant engineer to design and supervising construction of two contiguous projects were shared by the partners
Town of Penfield Case 7: Testing of Low Maintenance Turf and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Methods privatization - cooperation with a private non-profit agency testing of low maintenance varieties of turf and new IPM strategies. The studies were set up by the private agency. The Town provided land, helped establish test plots of turf and gathered data for both studies. The Town also helped run educational seminars to present the results
Town of Penfield Case 6: Storm Water Management Project intermunicipal cooperation - cooperation with another public agency; privatization - cooperation with a private company design and construction of a first flush storm water management pond for a commercial area that drains directly into Irondequoit Creek. The county designed the project and secured the grants to pay for it. The private company provided the land (behind the plaza). The Town did most of the construction work, except for one subcontract that was paid in exchange for the fill generated by the new pond, which will be used in a new park area.
Town of Penfield Case 5: Maintenance and Development of School District's Athletic Fields intermunicipal cooperation - joint production of service the Town shares equipment and resources with the school district, including exchanging mechanical equipment parts. The Town also cooperated with the school district to purchase land for an athletic field
Town of Penfield Case 4: Evergreen Tree Removal and Transplantation intermunicipal cooperation - cooperation with other public agencies; privatization - cooperation with private companies Penfield has hundreds of evergreen trees to be cleared from a new park. The trees were given to other towns, County agencies and two private clubs that cooperated in this effort. Some of the towns helped dig up trees, and all of the towns and the county transplanted trees to their own lands. The private clubs hired special equipment and labor to dig up the largest trees - some were transplanted to the clubs, and some were moved to other locations within the new park at no cost to the town
Town of Penfield Case 3: East Penfld. Watermain Extension Project intermunicipal cooperation - contracting out to another governmental unit the Town has hired the Monroe County Water Authority to engineer the extension of watermains into outlying areas of the Town. The Water Authority will also supervise construction
Town of Penfield Case 1: Recycling Center intermunicipal cooperation - joint production Penfield operates a recycling center for Monroe County that serves the eastern portion of the county. Refuse was transported from this facility to Monroe County's central processing center by a private contractor. In 1995, the Town purchased dumpsters that are compatible with the County trucks, so the County took over moving refuse to the processing center.
Town of Perinton Case 1: Joint Fueling Facility intermunicipal cooperation - joint production of services fueling sites for municipal vehicles
Town of Plattekill Case 1: Assessing Services Shared intermunicipal cooperation assessor services
Town of Plattekill Case 3: Sale of Transfer Station privatization - sale of town property and relinquishing town service to private sector solid waste collection; recycling
Town of Plattekill Case 2: Privatization of Transfer Station privatization - contract between for-profit company and the Town operation of transfer station; solid waste
Town of Plattsburgh Case 1: Ambulance intermunicipal cooperation (agreement) ambulance service
Town of Pompey Case 2: Comp. Ins. by PERMA intermunicipal cooperation - coop group health, physical stress, return to work, safety, etc...
Town of Pompey Case 1: Health Insurance Program for full-time employees intermunicipal cooperation - coop program with other entities health insurance
Town of Queensbury Case 3: Assessor's Office (under consideration) intermunicipal cooperation - combine office with City of GlensFalls assessments
Town of Queensbury Case 1: Human Resources privatization - contract with private consultant personnel services
Town of Queensbury Case 2: Data Processing privatization - contract with private business data processing hardware/software support
Town of Rochester Case 1: Payroll/Bookkeeping reverse privatization - contracting in payroll/bookkeeping
Town of Rochester Case 3: Solid Waste/Recycling intermunicipal cooperation solid waste; recycling
Town of Rochester Case 2: Snow Plowing/Paving privatization snow plowing/paving
Town of Salamanca Case 1: Road Construction privatization - contracted engineer road construction
Town of Salina Case 3: Town Highway Purchase of Gasoline for Fire Depts. internal restructuring - consolidating government services gasoline purchase for fire departments
Town of Salina Case 1: Water District intermunicipal cooperation - contract with OnondagaCo. Water Authority water service - approx. 90% of town
Town of Salina Case 4: Town Highway and Village Highway intermunicipal cooperation
Town of Salina Case 2: Consolidated Ambulance District privatization ambulance service to SalinaTown residents
Town of Schroon Case 1: Town ofSchroon Assume Prescription Drug Program reverse privatization - do all paperwork and underwrite 20% co-payment prescription drug program
Town of Schroon Case 2: Highway Department (Sand & Gravel) intermunicipal cooperation - joined with two towns to truck materials highway efficiency
Town of Stuyvesant Case 1: Plowing of County Highway within Town Boundaries intermunicipal cooperation county highway (3.5 miles)
Town of Stuyvesant Case 2: "Pending" Shared of a Backhoe Between Town ofStuyvesant and Village of Kinderhook intermunicipal cooperation - equipment highway, general, budget
Town of Trenton Case 4: Zoning Enforcement intermunicipal cooperation - contracting other governments business zoning enforcement
Town of Trenton Case 3: Dog Control intermunicipal cooperation - contracting other governments business dog control
Town of Trenton Case 1: Fuel Purchases intermunicipal cooperation - purchasing fuel purchases
Town of Trenton Case 5: Recreation Programs intermunicipal cooperation - joint production of service recreation programs
Town of Trenton Case 2: Codes Enforcement intermunicipal cooperation - contracting other governments Business codes enforcement
Town of Walworth Case 1: Water Service intermunicipal cooperation - four towns consolidated water dept. under umbrella of WCWSA purchase, transmission, distribution of water; service and maintenance
Town of Westville Case 1: Changed Hospital/Medical Insurance to Private Concern privatization - from FranklinCo. self insurance to Blue Cross/Blue Shield med./hosp. for employees
Town of Wheatland Case 1: Town/Village Contract for Public Works intermunicipal cooperation paving; sewer district maintenance; handling of ice control material
Town of Whitestown Case 1: Health Insurance Carrier was Changed for Town Employees (internal restructuring?) health insurance
Town of York Case 1: Hot Asphalt Paving privatization - contracting out work road paving
Town of York Case 2: GLY Joint Board intermunicipal cooperation - intermunicipal agreement to review solid waste proposal local permit process
Town of York Case 3: Return of Snow and Ice Removal on State Roads to N.Y.S. intermunicipal cooperation - did not renew contract snow and ice removal
Town of York Case 4: Recycling Center/Transfer Station privatization solid waste disposal
Ulster County Case 1: Inmate Commissary privatization - contracting out to private for-profit access to commissary by jail inmates
Ulster County Case 3: Maintenance of County Roads in the Town of Hardenburgh intermunicipal cooperation - contracting out to another govt. snow and ice removal
Ulster County Case 2: Night Security at the Infirmary privatization - contracting out to private for-profit sector security services at the infirmary
Ulster County Case 6: Occupational Therapy at the Infirmary reverse privatization - taken back from for-profit occupational therapy
Ulster County Case 5: Garbage Pick-up County Offices privatization - contracting out to private not for-profit garbage collection
Ulster County Case 4: Police Services for Town of Kingston intermunicipal cooperation - contracting in another government business police services for the Town of Kingston
Wyoming County Case 1: Community Action privatization weatherization, Section 8
Wyoming County Case 2: JTPA (Job Training) privatization jobs (D.S.S.); OTEO