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Planning Across Generations

The needs of families with young children and seniors wanting to age in place are not adequately addressed in many communities. Children and seniors have unique requirements relating to housing and neighborhood design, parks and recreation, and transportation. Communities that address these needs benefit both socially and economically. This section gives practicing planners the background and tools they need to implement family-friendly initiatives. Multi-generational planning is based on inclusive design, shared services, and a common vision to meet the needs of all residents.

Gender Lens

The intersections of gender issues and planning is an underexplored area within the profession, but planners have the ability to understand and address many of the gender specific issues which manifest in spatial form. This page profiles research conducted in collaboration with the Planning and Women Division of the American Planning Association, and the Women's Planning Forum at Cornell.


Local governments can take a leadership role in promoting sustainability. We have seen this with some big cities. But cities leading in sustainability policy action only account for a small proportion of the local governments across the US.  In this project, Dr. Mildred Warner, and Dr. George Homsy, Professor of Public Administration at Binghamton University have set out to understand the drivers and barriers to sustainability policymaking among the full range of local governments across the nation, with research funding from the National Institute for Food and Agriculture of the USDA.