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Mildred Warner wins Margarita McCoy Award for Advancement of Women in Planning, Nov. 2020.  Profile here

2019 Planning for all Generations - Survey Results

COVID-19 Policy Analysis

Webinar, Planning, Public Health and Responses to COVID-19, Sept 28. 2020. Video
Warner, M.E., Gonzalez-Rivas, M., Grant, M., Zhang, X. 2020.  Water Shutoff Moratoria in the United States: The Role of Cities and States  Chapter 5, pp 85-100 in Public Water and COVID-19: Dark Clouds and Silver Linings, ed. by DA McDonald, S Spronk and D Chavez. Municipal Services Project.
Homsy, G. C. and Warner, M.E. 2020. “Does public ownership of utilities matter for local government water policies?” Utilities Policy,  PMID: 32351260
Warner, M.E., González-Rivas, M. & Zhang, X., 2020.“Water Equity, COVID-19 and the Role of US Cities and States”.Town Planning Review (forthcoming).
Warner, M.E., Zhang, X. & González-Rivas, M., 2020.“Which States and Cities Protect Residents from Water Disconnection in the COVID-19 Pandemic?”Utilities Policy, forthcoming.
Warner, M.E., Zhang, X., 2020.“Social Safety Nets and COVID-19 Stay Home Orders across US States: A Comparative Policy Analysis”.