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Across the U.S., hundreds of communities are taking important steps to ensure sufficient, affordable, quality child care for all families. At the same time, researchers and advocates work to analyze existing programs and develop new solutions to our nation's most pressing child care issues. These materials describe other communities' work and provide links to further research.

Reports, Articles and Briefs

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Special Journal Issues


Other Work

  • INTERACTIVE The database of Child Care Economic Impact studies contains information about completed and in-progress studies across the United States and Canada.
  • Innovative Approaches. A fact sheet on what's going on in child care finance in other areas.
  • Financing Child Care. A summary of a report by Ann Mitchell, Louise Stoney, and Harriett Dichter on public and private child care financing strategies throughout the U.S.
  • Looking Into New Mirrors. A summary of a Louise Stoney paper describing financing and provider network strategies from other policy fields, including health care, higher education, transportation, and housing.
  • Annotated Bibliography. Research on child care policy.
  • Web sites. Links to sources of child care data and useful websites.