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2020 Turesky, Marisa and Warner, Mildred E. (2020). “Gender Dynamics in the Planning Workplace: The Importance of Women in Management,” Journal of the American Planning Association, 86(2): 157-170. DOI: 10.1080/01944363.2019.1691041 Article in peer-refereed journal Gender Planning
2018 "Gender Dynamics in Planning Workplaces," Planning with a Gender Lens Issue Brief, by Turesky, M. and Warner, M.E. 2018. Issue brief Gender Planning
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2013 Madfis, Haylee. 2013. "The Planning Gender Gap." Issue Brief. Ithaca, NY: Department of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University.  Issue brief Gender Planning
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2009 Pratt, James. 2009. Valuing Nonmarket Family Care Time Using National Income Accounts and the American Time Use Survey, Cornell University Other Child Care Gender
2009 Adriance, Shira 2009. To Gender or Not to Gender: An Analysis of Economic Impact Reports of the Child Care Sector. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University. Other Child Care Gender
2000 Warner, M.E., Anna Belajova and Maria Fazikova. 2000. "Households, Markets and the State: A Gender Analysis of the Transition to Capitalism in Slovakia," presented to Association of European Schools of Planning, Brno, Czech Rep. July 2000. Working paper Gender