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Warner, M.E. and Christine Weiss Daugherty. 2004. "Promoting the Civic in Entrepreneurship: The Case of Rural Slovakia," Journal of the Community Development Society Vol 35, No. 1.

The literature on entrepreneurship emphasizes the importance of the characteristics of individualentrepreneurs, their social networks, and the broader economic, cultural and political institutionallandscape. In Slovakia and many of the emerging market economies of Eastern Europe, attentionto social and cultural concerns and the institutional framework to support economic developmentwas given insufficient attention at the beginning of the transition to capitalism. This paper showsthe importance of social and cultural norms and experiential learning in providing the foundationfor entrepreneurship and economic development. It presents a successful rural development modelfrom Slovakia, which used mini-grants to build individual and community capacity for civicentrepreneurship as a precursor to economic entrepreneurship.

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Subject: Economic Development