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Tse, A., Murphy, K., Mann, C.,  Delpino Marimon, P., Gathany, B., Pryce, A., Gupta, C., and Jasper, I. (2017). "Michigans Approach to Fiscal Crisis: An Emergency for Democracy." Full Report,  Ithaca, NY: Cornell University.

In this paper, we ask three main questions: Why do cities and school districts in Michigan fall under emergency management? What decisions do emergency managers make? And what are the long-term implications for the communities they take over? We interviewed residents, academics, reporters, and public officials. We also analyzed public records in four Michigan jurisdictions placed under emergency management. We find that emergency management reflects a move toward post-democratic, professional, and corporate managerialism in the public sector. This move produces short-sighted management decisions and diverts attention away from comprehensive policy agendas that can address regional, economic, and demographic restructuring.

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Subject: Preemption,Upstate Fiscal Stress