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Warner, M.E. (2017), "Multigenerational Planning: Theory and Practice," iQuaderni di Urbanistica Tre, No. 14 (Sept - Dec 2017.)

Urban planners need to give greater attention to the needs of families with young children and to older adults. While planning has traditonally focused on working age adults, a broader view would give atenton to the role of planning in creatng communites that are good places to grow up, to work and to grow old. Demographic shifs toward an aging society have helped increase planners’ atenton to aging. But a focus on only one end of the life cycle is not enough. Planners need to address the needs of children as well as elders and their care givers. This artcle outlines the basic principles for a multgeneratonal planning approach. While planning has traditonally focused on physical design, a multgeneratonal planning requires planners also give atenton to the social layer – and the importance of services and informal networks in ensuring access and social inclusion for all community members.

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Subject: Planning