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Austin Aldag, Natassia Bravo, Mark Cassidy, Alfie Rayner, and Zach Small. (2017). "Linking Fiscal Stress and Social Equity: A Municipal Toolbox." Issue Brief. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University.

Local governments in New York State (NYS) are between a rock and a hard place. Both the rock — economic restructuring and shifting demographics, and the hard place — restrictive state policies, are motivating local governments from Buffalo to Suffolk County to action. The revenue streams localities have traditionally used are being starved off, while service expectations are increasing. This is not sustainable. Based on research across the US and in NYS, this report outlines four tools within the power of local government officials to mitigate fiscal stress, fight blight, partner with non-profits, and address social and economic equity. Making the linkage between fiscal stress and equity is critical for localities to plan for a sustainable future for all their constituents. We draw our motivation and context for this municipal toolbox from a recent survey of local governments in NYS, conducted by Cornell University.

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Subject: Upstate NY Fiscal Stress