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Wang, Yang and Mildred Warner. (2014). "Service Sharing between Municipalities and Schools in New York State: Least Where Need is Greatest." The Shared Services Project, Dept. of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University.

In response to tightening fiscal conditions and evolving community needs, increasing efforts have been devoted to the practice of joint use between schools and their communities. Joint use between schools and communities can help create and sustain active, healthy communities and vibrant neighborhoods. However, joint use service sharing differs across service types. Joint use cooperation in community services allows schools to build programmatic and practical synergies with communities by maximizing the use of school buildings, athletic fields, parks, libraries, and other often under-utilized school assets. Joint use cooperation in administrative services may be a viable option for reducing costs or slowing growth in spending to achieve cost efficiency. Our study explores joint use service sharing differences across service types, and across school districts by metro status, sharing partners and socio economic condition. We also examine differences in joint use motivators, obstacles and potential outcomes.

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