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"Facing Fiscal Challenges: Moving Toward a New York State and Local Government Partnership." (2015) Khadija Anjum, Hannah Bahnmiller, Hien Dinh, Alia Fierro, Jieun Kim, Yunji Kim, Jessica Masters, Disha Mendhekar, Kaitlyn Olbrich, Kyra Spotte-Smith, Mildred Warner, Keaton Wetzel, and Jubek Yongo-Bure. Dept. of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

New York State’s local governments are facing increasing fiscal stress. A research team at Cornell University, under the direction of Dr. Mildred Warner, sought to investigate sources of fiscal stress, and local government revenue and service delivery responses. The team held focus groups with local government officials across the state in Fall 2015. Three themes emerged from those focus groups: Cracking Under Pressure, Building Equity: Connecting Old and Young for Our Common Future, and Investing in Our Future. Three short articles were developed to highlight each of these themes.

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Subject: Intermunicipal Cooperation,Upstate NY Fiscal Stress