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Ballard, Michael J. and M.E. Warner 2000. "Taking the High Road: Local Government Restructuring and the Quest for Quality." Pp 6/1 - 6/53 in Power Tools for Fighting Privatization, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees: Washington DC. 

Distributed to union locals throughout the nation, Fall 2001. Also available as Working Papers in Planning #194. Department of City and Regional Planning, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University.

All local governments face challenges to improve service delivery.  This report outlines two alternative strategiesÑthe "high road" which uses new management innovations to increase internal productivity, and the "low road" which focuses on downsizing and contracting out.  While other studies have focused on contracting out, this study provides a longitudinal look at contracting and presents detailed case studies of municipalities, which have brought back in house previously privatized services.  These case studies provide empirical evidence on the problems associated with contracting and the potential for internal restructuring as an alternative.

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Subject: Privatization