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Sipple, J. and Diianni-Miller, A. (2013). "Shared School Services: A Common Response to Fiscal Stress," Shared Services Project, Dept of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. 


New York State has a complex system of cities, villages, towns, counties and school districts. This array of overlapping governments raises questions about coordination – for scale economies, enhanced service delivery, upgraded technical capacity of services, and regional coordination of service delivery. Until this study, scarcely little state-wide data existed regarding the prevalence, motivators, obstacles, and outcomes of shared services in New York State. Despite the scarcity of data, shared service delivery is commonly suggested to overcome many challenges facing local leaders. Governor Cuomo has called for increased use of shared services when local government consolidation is not possible, or as the fist s!teps toward consolidation. 


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Subject: Intermunicipal Cooperation