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Adriance, Shira, Caroline Marshall, Bjorn Markeson, Louise Stoney and Mildred Warner 2009. From Regional Economic Analysis to Economic Development Policy: A Review of State and Local Child Care Economic Impact Studies. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

This report explores economic development and child care links by providing an overview of lessons learned by state and local study teams involved in conducting economic studies of the child care industry. It finds that linking child care and economic development creates challenges for both the child care and the economic development community. For child care the link requires reaching beyond the primary human development focus and claiming its place as part of the social infrastructure of the economy. For economic development it requires reaching beyond industrial recruitment strategies and focusing on the investments that build quality of life and sustainability for people in communities. These are stretches – both intellectually and with regard to public policy – that are difficult. Leaders in early care and education have, however, quickly grasped this new frame and have begun to use it in new and creative ways. The frame change and its associated language is catching on. The task ahead is to keep the momentum going, support and share innovative ideas, and spawn new policy approaches.

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Subject: Child Care